Welcome to Moved 2 Monrovia, home of the world-famous Architecture Tour of Monrovia, first published in 2009. This website accompanies the blog, movedtomonrovia.blogspot.com.

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The Architecture Tour has been fully updated in mid-2013, and is now divided into two parts. The first is an In-Town walking tour, which suggests a route through the streets of Central Monrovia covering thirty buildings, which can be enjoyed on foot. It begins at Monrovia's City Hall and continues northwest up Capitol Hill and toward Broad Street, ending at the famous Ducor Hotel, high atop Snapper Hill. 

The second is an westward route along Tubman Boulevard from the start of that road at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville, and continuing through Congo Town and the into Sinkor towards the center of town, ending up just where the In-Town Walking Tour begins, for ease of continuity. Given the larger distances involved, this second tour should best be undertaken by car. The Tubman Boulevard route can easily be covered in reverse order, eastwards out of town towards Paynesville and ELWA.

Other informational pages are under development: there will soon be a page dedicated to the Hotel Africa and Unity Conference Center, which are located in suburban Virginia, some 10 miles northwest of Central Monrovia, as an extension of the tour. Another page will feature an additional archive of historic and contemporary imagery of the Ducor Hotel, perhaps the best-known of Monrovia's ruins.  

The Architectural Tour will be updated and adjusted periodically. Since it was first published in 2009, the number of buildings has doubled. 

WARNING: In undertaking any ventures in Monrovia, please use caution, both in traffic and on the streets, avoiding the danger of vehicles as well as pickpockets, and always approach both vacant, dilapidated, or occupied buildings with courtesy, respect, and an abundance of prudence. Over the years, vacant structures have been taken over by criminals, or are under armed guard and this site does not suggest that any property is approachable, accessible, or safe. Likewise, do not presume that photography is legally permitted anywhere, but especially government buildingsā€“even the exterior of a public building from the street. 

Hope you enjoy these guides to the magnificent city of Monrovia. To contact Moved2Monrovia, follow the handle @Moved2Monrovia on Twitter.